Global TeleRadiology management Team comprises of industry experts from various fields, including healthcare management, operations, marketing, process development et al. The management team has four founder members.

Namita Chowdhary – Managing Director
Widespread experience of over 25 years in areas of strategic business management and marketing, product launches, brand positioning, research, field marketing, event management & public relations in some of the world’s largest businesses in their verticals. Has been extensively involved in Healthcare businesses initiation and growth strategies in last 15 years.

Ritti Jarg -Executive Director
Extensive experience with Fortune 500 companies for over 23 years around the world. An Operations expert has been responsible for multiple processes initiation, processes migration & development of new Operations Centers in multiple industry verticals.Anexpert in back-office management with latest technologies and large teams.

Vishal Chowdhary -Executive Director
Over 25 years of experience in creating and building number of highly successful organizations & brands in multiple industry verticals. Extensively involved with the Healthcare Industry for past 15 years, in assisting healthcare delivery and pharmaceutical companies in creating their long-term businesses. Was a founder member of the first multi-locational integrated healthcare chain in India.